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Basic Functions:

Ai Smart, iPhone Siri, TWS stereo headphones, Single or two simultaneous use, Heart rate test, Blood pressure test, Step counting, Mileage, Consumption, Sleep monitoring, Sedentary reminder, Lifting wrist screen, WeChat,  SMS push, Shake a picture.

Common problem

Q: How to deal with the upgrade failure?
A: If the initial upgrade fails, please reconnect the “AMK” device to the APP, and the system will automatically remind you to upgrade.
Q: Why is the heart rate (sleep) test not allowed?
A: The first-hand ring device monitors human activities through electronic sensors. It is a consumer product. It is normal to have certain errors. Please treat the data objectively.
Q: Where do I set the APP permissions?
A: Android Phone – Settings – Rights Management – Find “AMKang” App – Set to trust this software.
1. If the phone has a security management class or an application for cleaning up the acceleration class, set “AMKang” to whitelist (trust list);
Q: How to set the time display mode?
A: The device displays the time display mode of the mobile phone. When the mobile phone is set to 12 hours, the device is displayed as a 12-hour system.
Q: There is a call on the device, but there is no sound in the headset after the connection?
A: There will be a delay on the Bluetooth headset when you call, you can answer it after a few rings. If the call is connected through the mobile phone, please check whether the voice channel is a mobile phone or a headset on the mobile phone. If the mobile phone needs to switch to the earphone, the default is to follow the principle of which device is connected to which device to answer.
Q: I wear headphones, but I can’t hear the ringtone when I call.
A: Please make sure that the headset and mobile phone are within the effective Bluetooth connection distance. If the mobile phone is connected to many Bluetooth devices, please clear the invalid connection in the Bluetooth settings of the mobile phone.


Headset pairing:
If there is only one side of the earphones, you need to reconnect the headphones: firstly double-click the two headphones at the same time for about 5 seconds, then turn off the phone at the same time, then press and hold the touch button for 16 seconds, then release it pair. (The connection needs to turn off the Bluetooth function of the mobile phone)

Uses Instruction:

Software download
A: iPhone to Apple AppStore store to search for “AMKang” software and download.
B: Android downloads the AMKang software by QR code recognition.
4. BLE connection device and pairing
1) BLE connection: Search for the device model and connect in the Settings > Device interface of the APP.
After the connection is successful, the device model AMKang will be displayed under the My Device of the APP, and the upper left corner of the time interface on the device can be seen. Bluetooth successfully connected the symbol. If you do not see the symbol indicating that the connection is unsuccessful, please re-operate. The time is automatically synchronized when the connection is successful.
2) After the first connection is successful, the device will be automatically connected after the device is turned off and the signal range is turned off and then returned to the host.
3) APP connects to the second or third device….. device, please unbind the app first, and then connect the device.
Note: The connection of the device cannot be connected under the Bluetooth function of the mobile phone. You must connect to the device before you can use it in the app.
3. Connection and matching considerations
1) Make sure the Bluetooth of the mobile phone is turned on;
2) Make sure that the equipment is fully charged, please turn it on or charge before use;
3) Make sure the device is within 50cm of the phone when pairing the connection;
4) If the Android phone does not find the device in the mobile app, please check whether the “AMKang” is allowed to use Bluetooth in the phone permission setting;
5) When pairing the headphones, make sure that the headphones are taken out from the wristband host; if no Bluetooth is found, put the headphones into the wristband and take them out.
Bluetooth headset function instructions and precautions
A. Headset pairing
1. Headset pairing: Take the earphone out of the wristband host, there is a power-on prompt tone, turn on the Bluetooth on the phone settings, find the corresponding Bluetooth name (SH30L) and pair it with the connection. (The headset is already connected and the pairing is good before leaving the factory. After that, only the name of the main Bluetooth is displayed, with “L”). After the pairing is successful, the setting shows “Connected”, indicating that the product connection is successful.
2. After the headset is successfully paired, put it back into the wristband host, and then remove the headset from the wristband host to automatically power on and automatically connect.
3. After the headset is successfully paired, if the phone is manually disconnected, you need to reconnect in the Bluetooth settings of the phone.
4, headset pairing: first turn off the two headphones, then long-press the button 16S, release the hand, and then press the button at the same time will automatically complete the pairing. The Bluetooth function in the phone settings must be turned off for the connection.
B. The middle touch button of the earphone is a dedicated button for the Bluetooth earphone, which is used for answering incoming calls, rejecting incoming calls, muting calls, calling back calls, and activating voice assistants in the headset state.
C. Answer/hang up/reject calls
When the earphone is in the base of the wristband, there is an incoming call, and it is taken out from the base to automatically connect. The earphone is long outside the base of the wristband, and the incoming call needs to be manually answered.
Double-click the button to answer the call;
Double click to hang up the phone;
Long press to reject the call;
During the call, put the headset back to the base headset to turn off the phone, and the other party does not turn off the phone, then automatically switch to the mobile phone to answer.
D. Mute the call
While the headset is in a call, press and holds the touch button 3S to enter the mute, then press and hold to return to the call.
When the headset has an incoming call in the base of the bracelet, the device will vibrate and display a reminder. Touch the touch button to remotely operate the manual mute. Press and hold the touch button for 3 seconds to reject it directly.
E. Call back
Double-click the button to call back the number of the last call.
F. Voice assistant and call
When the headset is connected, 3 touches the touch button to activate the Siri of the iPhone, the voice assistant of the android phone, and the voice assistant can be used to pull out the phone and check the weather. The execution success rate of the command after activating the voice assistant is related to the intelligence level of the mobile phone voice assistant itself.
When activating the voice assistant, you must ensure that the headset is away from the base of the bracelet and is inactive connection with the Bluetooth of the mobile phone. The activation operation is only valid on the standby interface or the time main interface.

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20 reviews for Best Bluetooth 5.0 Headphone for Smart Watch

  1. J***n

    Cool watches both externally and functionally. All as in the description.Purchase very satisfied.

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    My best recommendations! Who will take, do not forget to go to the link, return some money for the next purchase, also in the draw take part! All purchases i do and never regretted, already saved on the iphone 🙂 scan the code from the phone!

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    Fast order processing and shipment, for which special thanks to the store. Contact is coming, sociable.

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    Delivery to belarus more than 2 months. I bought covers for $0.01 per piece.

  5. A***a

    Cool product !!! Useful for the gym , it’s a nice upgrade for any gym enthusiast as it tracks distance , heart rate , etc… the headphone work good as well the sound is clear in both music and calls. Only down fall is that they are a little hard to pair but nothing to difficult just takes some trial and error. Overall great product

  6. L***s

    The only issue is that I’m having trouble pairing the headset. I love it though

  7. Y***a

    I ordered 10.06. Received at the post office 23.07. The track is only tracked by china. Packed in a paper envelope with a pup. A good cheholchik, bought for glasses.

  8. G***n

    The store is happy. The description corresponds. Quickly sent.

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    Thank you))))) the store is honest and responsible. Sent immediately, delivery is fast. I recommend the store.

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    Very high quality goods. The quality of the materials is very good. There are no defects. Everything is done at a very high level. Product as factory. The materials are very pleasant. The goods are nice to hold in hands. The store sent the goods quickly. The item is packed well. Delivery is fast. The goods in the way were not damaged. The seller answers all questions. I recommend the store. I recommend the seller. I advise you to buy in this store.

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    Good varnish, my wife liked. I bought a coupon, which i saw in the group mambali in vk! I advise everyone to subscribe

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    Good case for glasses!!! Thanks to the store for the coupon!!!

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    Everything is perfectly satisfied with the order.

  14. V***v

    Everything came whole. stitched quality thread does not stick out the smell no. i recommend

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    Delivery to krasnodar 51 days, without tracking in russia. The product corresponds to the description. I bought on the stock, i’m happy with the purchase.

  16. Customer

    The description corresponds. The store is responsible and reliable.

  17. N***a

    A good pouch for headphones or glasses. Took for a cent

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    Excellent bags for glasses. Sewing smooth. Delivery a little more than a month.

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    Everything is fine! Delivery for 42 days (russia, southern federal district). The parcel was without tracking in russia, but everything came to light. The product corresponds to the description. A good case for $0.01. The truth is now that headphones are sold at a much higher price. The store asked not to apply photos, but i see here many straight and listened to it))

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    Just a bag for 67 kopecks

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